Privacy Statement

Rotary Club Zurich International’s Commitment to Your Privacy and Data Protection

At Rotary Club of Zurich International, we are committed to protecting your privacy and treating your data properly. Your trust is important to us because without your support we would not be able to do our important work to support deserving charities.

Privacy Notice is a technical platform of the Rotary Club Zurich International, Zurich (RCZI). mediates the conclusion and processing of sponsorship services between the RCZI and sponsors as part of the Run for Change sponsorship run 2022 and other sponsorship events organized by the RCZI. It is not used to mediate further services and information between you and the RCZI and does not create any further connection between you and the RCZI. Your participation in the RunForChange sponsorship run does not represent any further connection with the RCZI and its values ​​and goals. 


In the area of ​​data protection, the RCZI relies on an open and transparent approach. The RCZI understands personal data to be information that relates to a specific or identifiable person. The RCZI understands processing as any handling of personal data, regardless of the means and processes used, in particular the procurement, storage, use, reworking, disclosure, archiving or destruction of personal data.

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Data security

In particular, the RCZI is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with applicable Swiss data protection law. To this end, the RCZI takes a variety of precautions, such as the implementation of technical and organizational security measures (e.g. use of firewalls, personal passwords and encryption technologies, access restrictions, raising employee awareness and training, appointment of a data protection advisor).

Categories of personal data

When using, the following categories of personal data can be processed:

  • Data from RCZI representatives
  • Data from sponsors
  • Data of participants (runners) and their legal representatives (parents etc.)
  • Visitor data

The RCZI processes as little personal data as necessary.

By this, the RCZI understands the following in particular:

  • Registration information such as name and address of RCZI representatives, information on office and duties, email address, telephone numbers and other contact information, etc.
  • Information about and in connection with the sponsorship event.
  • Processing data, such as information about the implementation of the RunforChange sponsorship event, etc.
  • If applicable, records of contacts between you and the RCZI.
  • Marketing data such as needs, desires, preferences.
  • Technical data, such as internal and external ISP numbers etc.
  • Personal data that is particularly worthy of protection, ie data on religious, ideological, political or trade union views or activities, health, privacy or race, social assistance measures, administrative or criminal prosecutions and sanctions are only recorded if they are necessary for the implementation of the sponsorship run (e.g. health restrictions, dietary regulations, etc.).
  • By using, data is processed insofar as this is technically required and necessary, or in order to obtain information about the type of use and to be able to adapt the offer to user needs. We use Google Analytics as a tracking system.
  • uses cookies, which are short text files that are stored by a website on a user’s device (e.g. a computer, tablet or mobile phone). They are used for the technical functioning of a website or to collect statistical data. Cookies are also typically used to provide a user with a personalized experience. For example, when an online service remembers who you are without requiring you to log in each time you visit the service’s website, and connects you to your user profile the next time you visit the website in order to provide you with your personal information to make available.
  • When you visit, the RCZI may collect some data to recognize the browser you are using. For this purpose, the browser sends e.g. B. the following data to our website: your IP address, the website you visited and the website you last visited before you were redirected to our website. This information is used to collect aggregated and anonymous statistics that we use to improve our service and your user experience.


In order to fulfill the purposes mentioned below, RCZI may collect personal data from the following sources:

  • Personal data communicated to the RCZI, e.g. as part of the registration of a participant or a sponsor.
  • Personal data that arise due to the implementation of a sponsoring event and are transmitted to the RCZI through the technical infrastructure or through work-sharing processes, e.g. in the case of apps or when working with other service providers.

Duration of storage

The duration of the storage of personal data is determined by statutory retention requirements or the purpose of the respective data processing.

As a rule, the RCZI stores personal data for the duration of the implementation and processing of the sponsored run and then for a further ten years (depending on the applicable legal basis). This corresponds to the period of time within which legal claims can be asserted against the RCZI. Ongoing or anticipated legal or regulatory proceedings may result in storage beyond this period.


The RCZI can process the personal data described above to process the sponsorship run and for its own subsequent sponsorship runs or for statutory purposes. By this she means in particular the following:

  • Processing of the ongoing sponsorship run.
  • Marketing, market research, comprehensive support, information about current and future sponsorship runs (e.g. advertising for future sponsorship events, determination of user satisfaction or future user needs or behavior).
  • Legal or regulatory disclosure, information or reporting obligations to courts, authorities.
  • Preserving the interests and safeguarding of the RCZI’s claims in the event of claims against the RCZI or users, as well as safeguarding the safety of users and employees.
  • Any other purposes of which you will be informed by the RCZI.

Basics for processing personal data

Depending on how the technical platform is used or for what purpose the personal data is processed, the data processing is based on the following:

  • Entering, entering into, or performing participation and sponsorship agreements with you or for the performance of the parties’ obligations under such an agreement.
  • Where necessary, to comply with legal or regulatory obligations of the RCZI or to carry out tasks in the public interest.
  • Possibly based on your consent.
  • If necessary, to protect the legitimate interests of the RCZI, e.g. statistics, planning or further development of future sponsoring events; risk monitoring and control, business auditing; Marketing, market research, comprehensive support, advice and information about the range of services, preparation and provision of tailor-made services in connection with sponsorship events; Protecting the interests and securing the claims of the RCZI, its representatives, participants, sponsors and visitors.

Obligation to provide personal data

If personal data processed by the RCZI is required to fulfill legal obligations or for the establishment, conclusion or implementation of a participation or sponsorship contract with you, it may be that the RCZI cannot conclude the participation or sponsorship contract with you or cannot process it , if the RCZI cannot process this personal data. In this case we will inform you accordingly.

Categories of intended recipients, guarantees

Within the RCZI, only those bodies will have access to your personal data that need it to record, conclude or implement a participation or sponsorship contract, due to legal or regulatory obligations or for the performance of tasks in the public interest.

The RCZI only discloses personal data to third parties in the following cases:

  • For processing the participation and sponsorship contracts.
  • Due to legal obligations, legal justifications or official orders, e.g. to courts or supervisory authorities or to the extent necessary to protect legitimate interests of the RCZI at home and abroad. The latter applies in particular to legal action threatened or initiated by the user against the RCZI or public statements, to secure the claims of the RCZI against the user or third parties, when collecting claims of the RCZI against the user and to reestablish contact with the responsible persons after the contact has been broken off Swiss authorities.

Processors are third parties who process personal data on behalf of and for the purposes of the RCZI, e.g. IT, marketing, sales or communication service providers. If personal data is disclosed to such a processor, he may only process the received personal data in the way the RCZI itself is allowed to do. The RCZI selects its processors carefully and contractually obliges them to guarantee the confidentiality and security of personal data.

Changes to personal data

The RCZI is obliged to process the personal data correctly and – as far as known – to keep it up to date. Please inform the RCZI of any changes to your personal data using the usual means of communication.


You have the right to information, correction, deletion, restriction, objection and the right to data portability.

The RCZI accepts such applications in writing at the following address:

Rotary Club Zurich International
Seestrasse 125
8002 Zurich

The rights mentioned apply only within the legal and contractual limits. In particular, overriding interests or legal obligations may require further processing by the RCZI. The RCZI examines each individual case and informs you of the result. If personal data is processed for marketing for future sponsorship events, your right to object also extends to such marketing, including profiling for marketing purposes. You may object to such (or any other) marketing at any time by providing a notice to RCZI.

You can revoke any consent you may have given to the RCZI for the processing of personal data at any time. Please note that the revocation only applies to the future. Editing that took place before the revocation is not affected. The RCZI may not be able to conclude or process the participation or sponsorship contract with you if you revoke the relevant consent.

If the RCZI does not meet your expectations with regard to the processing of personal data, you wish to complain about the privacy practices of the RCZI or you want to exercise your rights, please let the RCZI know. This gives the RCZI the opportunity, among other things, to examine your request and make improvements if necessary. In order to assist the RCZI in responding to your request, you will be asked to provide a meaningful communication. The RCZI will review and respond to your request within a reasonable time.

In addition, there is a right of appeal to the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC).

Contact details for exercising your rights

The RCZI is responsible for the processing of personal data:

Adresse des RCZI:

Rotary Club Zurich International
Seestrasse 125
8002 Zurich

You can address your questions in connection with data protection to the following specialist department: by e-mail to

Status of the data protection declaration

This data protection declaration was last updated in March 2022. It describes in general the processing of personal data by the RCZI in connection with The RCZI reserves the right to amend this data protection declaration from time to time. In the event of such an adjustment, you will be informed in an appropriate manner, depending on the usual communication with you, e.g. via the website.