All the proceeds from our 2023 event will go towards  Foundation of Switzerland and Lichtenstein

– The Make-A-Wish foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of children with a critical illness.

– Make-A-Wish Foundation of Switzerland & Liechtenstein grants the most heartfelt wishes of children aged between 3 and 18 living with a serious medical condition to give them Hope, Strength and Joy.

– The foundation works to make dreams come true for children who have been robbed of their right to a carefree childhood and provide them unique and treasured moments in the company of their family.

– Make-A-Wish Foundation works closely with doctors and healthcare professionals throughout Switzerland who refer the children to the foundation.

– Make-A-Wish Foundation Switzerland was established 20 years ago and has been able to fulfill around 60 wishes per year. The foundation is part of an international network of organizations based in 50 countries around the world.

– Since the Make-A-Wish organization was established, over 500’000 wishes have been granted throughout the world thanks to dedicated staff and over 43’000 volunteers.

Some real stories

LAETITIA DREAMT OF SLEDGE DOG RIDING. Laetitia loves dogs and chose to spend a fabulous weekend with her favorite animals while sledding. She was able to guide “her” dogs and admire beautiful landscapes. The experience filled her heart with wonderful memories.

HARRY WANTED TO FLY LIKE A BIRD. Harry loves lions, tigers, panthers, but his favourite animals are birds. And Harry’s biggest dream was to be able to fly like a bird. He was fascinated by the breath-taking view with his feet in the air. He was flying like a bird!

ANDREA THE CHEESEMAKER: Andrea loves cheese fondue and so very naturally his wish was to become a cheesemaker and learn all the secrets of making the perfect “Gruyère” cheese. Andrea’s mum said “I have never seen my little boy as happy as this in all his life.”

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