A few very important activities have taken place recently in the DREAM centre in Beira, which have brought a level of normality, much needed for the pandemic and natural desaster shaken region. Among others these have been the reopening of the kindergarten and the children’s canteen

Due to the COVID19 epidemic, traditional activities carried out by DREAM centers in Beira hve been disrupted since March 2020. Children attending the center were supported by distribution of food packages, however they missed their canteen that they have occupied for so many years. This is a place where kids felt as part of a close community – and yes, it’s loud and you can often hear laughter and songs.

Beira Nutrition Center is targeting the most vulnerable segment of the population, such as street children, and aims to guarantee access to food that is safe, nutritious and sufficient for their needs and to promote education by offering an investment important for the future of the wider society.

Facilities such as the nutrition center are a point of reference for the local community, committed to fighting child malnutrition by distributing quality hot meals and offering children and girls educational and play activities in a welcoming and inclusive place.

And there is also the cooking school – a very important activity that has been ongoing since 2008, had to be halted during the pandemic and is now renewed!

Every Friday at the Dream Center in Beira Manga Chingussura women and their kids have the baby food school aka “escola de papinha”. During the class, activists from the program teach how to cook nutritious baby food for weaning babies. Thus, young mothers gain confidence. Weaning is a major concern for them, as they have no way to provide expensive food for their children and they don’t know how to feed them properly. Luckily, the monthly food package and nutritional counseling they receive at the DREAM center help them to manage well even a very delicate phase for the newborn, such as weaning.&nbsp