During the past 3 years we have been supporting the Dream project in Beira, Mozambique:



The funds from Run4Change 2022 are destined to DREAM 2.0, “Desease Relief with Excellent & Advanced Means”:

Eliminate HIV mother-to-child transmission through providing free therapy (HAART, “highly active antiretroviral therapy”) and nutrition support to HIV+ mothers before and after the birth of a child

– Children free from AIDS, no more orphans, mothers continuing to take care of their kids thanks to a reduction in maternal mortality

– Promotion of importance of women in the community

– Restoring a vital community center, which is providing humanitarian assistance and medical support also beyond its primary mandate


– January 2021: Mozambique second largest city Beira struck by another cyclone – Eloise, just 2 years afeter Idaj damaged the local DREAM Center. The city continues to struggle with humanitarian emergency created by the storm and floods.

– The center is also supporting a vaccination campaign to fight the spread of cholera and providing relief to the community

55 000+ children are born HIV-free since inception

– Rotarian spirit at its core: 100% of the donations go to actual goods/services for the Beira Center with zero money spent on admin overhead

– Careful examination: the program is supported by scientific research and external audits like the Swiss Gemeinschaft


Free anti-retroviral therapy for HIV + and fight against malnutrition

– Extensive strategic direction includes on-site staff integration, peer-to-peer communication model, social support and laboratory monitoring to reduce HIV

– Medical-wise, the charity has trained and is employing local staff, supported by international experts

To understand more about how Rotary Zurich International keeps the DREAM alivea at Beira, please visit the Rotary Foundation webpage.

the four pillars of Dream

Health and Baby care

Children in Africa are still the segment of the population that has the least access to care. Malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and lack of hygiene all cause infant mortality. The DREAM programme has always considered petdiatric healthcare and nutritional support to be extremely imporant, an investment in the future of Africa.

Prevention and treatment of HIV

DREAM started countering AIDS in Africa in 2002. The programme aims to assist local health systems develop a sustainable model over time, ensuring maximum results at a minimum cost. 

The goal is not to build large hospitals, but health centres, also reaching isolated rural areas with mobile clinics and home care. 


A new model of public health

The DREAM programme aims to guarantee excellence in diagnostics and in the technologies adopted, by encouraging the use of teleconsultation, computerised equipment, specific software for data collection for operational research and for quality controls. 

For years DREAM has been using  molecular biology laboratories, medical data, mobile technologies and geopositioning and solar energy.

Promoting women

DREAM is particularly focused on women, because of the importance of their role in the community. Women have always been the main victims of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, even though they represent the fulcrum of the family and of African society as a whole. Encouraging women to be active and take on a conscious role is essential for spreading a new culture of healthcare. 


Impact of your donations

Kindergarten reopened!

Due to the COVID19 epidemic, traditional activities carried out by DREAM centers in Beira hve been disrupted since March 2020. Children attending the center were supported by distribution of food packages, however they missed their canteen that they have occupied for so many years. This is a place where kids felt as part of a close community – and yes, it’s loud and you can often hear laughter and songs.

Beira Nutrition Center is targeting the most vulnerable segment of the population, such as street children, and aims to guarantee access to food that is safe, nutritious and sufficient for their needs and to promote education by offering an investment important for the future of the wider society.

Facilities such as the nutrition center are a point of reference for the local community, committed to fighting child malnutrition by distributing quality hot meals and offering children and girls educational and play activities in a welcoming and inclusive place.

Cooking school welcoming hungry guests again!

Every Friday at the Dream Center in Beira Manga Chingussura women and their kids have the baby food school aka “escola de papinha”. During the class, activists from the program teach how to cook nutritious baby food for weaning babies. Thus, young mothers gain confidence. Weaning is a major concern for them, as they have no way to provide expensive food for their children and they don’t know how to feed them properly. Luckily, the monthly food package and nutritional counseling they receive at the DREAM center help them to manage well even a very delicate phase for the newborn, such as weaning.