DREAM 2.0 – old


The funds from 2021 Run4Change are destined to DREAM 2.0, “Disease Relief with Excellent & Advanced Means”:

  • Eliminate HIV mother-to-child transmission through providing free therapy (HAART, “highly active antiretroviral therapy”) and nutrition support to HIV+ mothers before and after the birth of a child
  • Children free from AIDS, no more orphans, mothers continuing to take care of their kids thanks to a reduction in maternal mortality
  • Promotion of importance of women in the community
  • Restoring a vital community center, which is providing humanitarian assistance and medical support also beyond its primary mandate

Covid19 screening campaign HIV testing campaign


  • January 2021: Mozambique second largest city Beira struck by another cyclone – Eloise, just 2 years after Idai damaged the local DREAM Center. The city continues to struggle with humanitarian emergency created by the storm and floods
  • The center is also supporting a vaccination campaign to fight the spread of cholera and providing relief to the community
  • 55 000+ children are born HIV-free since inception
  • Rotarian spirit at its core: 100% of the donations go to actual goods/services for the Beira Center with zero money spent on admin overheads
  • Careful examination: the program is supported by scientific research and external audits like the Swiss Gemeinschaft

Devastating impact of cyclone Eloise People sheltered at DREAM Beira


  • Free anti-retroviral therapy for HIV + and fight against malnutrition
  • Extensive strategic direction includes on-site staff integration, peer-to-peer communication model, social support and laboratory monitoring to reduce HIV
  • Medical-wise, the charity has trained and is employing local staff, supported by international experts

To understand more about how Rotary Zurich International keeps the DREAM alive at Beira please visit the Rotary Foundation  webpage.

Join us in our cause and engage as a runner, company, or sponsor for run4change! Every donation goes 200% directly toward DREAM 2.0 to help with the organization of this project.