Become a Partner

Why sponsor us?

For this occasion to be a success, we depend on supporters. Corporate sponsorship enables us to cover the event costs and ensure that 100% of donations are paid by the runners to the charity. The event is completely run by volunteers, so we have no staff costs

How does sponsoring work?

We have worked out three attractive sponsoring packages to meet these requirements.

  • Bronze (Donation in kind or cash donation up to CHF 500)
    • Branding used on Rotary Club Zurich International website, digital marketing and event newsletters
  • Silver (Cash donation between CHF 501-1000)
    • Branding used as for Bronze sponsorship plus on viRACE app
  • Gold (Cash donation between CHF 1001-2000)
    • Branding used as for Silver sponsorship plus on printable running bibs

The benefits of donations over CHF 2000 will be discussed ad hoc.

Examples of Sponsor Publicity:

How else can you help?

  1. As Runner Sponsor you can agree for example to donate the same amount that the runner with the most laps collects from his or her individual donors.
  2. Maybe you are also interested in sending a team of runners from your company to participate? You could then match the total donations earned by your company team with a “Matching Grant”. We would also be glad if you promoted the event within your company.

For these possibilities we have put together various attractive Sponsoring Packages. You may request the details directly from us. We are pleased to send you information concerning the number of individuals you could reach with your engagement in our event.

We are convinced that this charity run is a worthwhile event for a worthy cause, which due to our target audience could also be beneficial to your company. We plan to continue growing run4change over the coming years. It would be an extraordinary pleasure to welcome you as a partner.

For further information, please contact us at Also be sure to like us on Facebook.