Why support PolioPlus?

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Polio (poliomyelitis) is an infectious disease that can cause muscle paralysis and even death. It can be prevented with an orally-delivered vaccine.

Thanks to the efforts of Rotary International and others, polio has been eradicated in 99% of the world, even in countries with poor infrastructure, extreme poverty and civil strife. But we are not finished! Because the disease is so devastating, it must be completely eliminated. PolioPlus is a program of Rotary International to provide oral vaccines to children in the countries in which it remains. Since 1985, more than two billion children have been vaccinated. (More information:  http://www.endpolio.org/)

Vaccination photoThrough your efforts as a runner, corporate sponsor or donor to Run4Change, you can help contribute to PolioPlus and help us end polio once and for all. 100% of your allocated donation goes to PolioPlus. Thank you for your help!