viRACE Run Details

How can you make a real difference to people in need and less fortunate than ourselves?

Easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register to take part in the event at or on the viRACE app on your mobile phone.
  2. Find the link to your personalized donation page in the email that viRACE sent to confirm your registration.
  3. Before the event find as many people willing to support you as possible: friends, relatives, neighbors, work colleagues etc. Send them the link to your personalized donation page.
  4. Each supporter should agree to donate a certain amount for each kilometer (there are no longer “laps”) you jog or run, or simply to donate a lump sum.
  5. On a day of your choice in April, lace up your shoes, put on your headphones, and go out and enjoy yourself knowing you’re collecting vital funds for a worthy cause.
  6. When you finish the race, your personal sponsors will receive an email message to make their donations online using a credit card.

Prefer a less hi-tech solution? Here is a Runner Sheet where you can manually keep a list of those who agreed to support you. The steps above are strongly recommended, though not necessary. In principle you could do everything yourself offline, but then you would miss out on half the fun. 😉

Questions? Please contact us at

Rotary Zurich International will pass on 100% of your donations to DREAM 2.0 to help prevent transmission of HIV from mothers to their children in an area suffering effects from a natural disaster. This is about kids helping kids. Organizers: Rotary Club Zurich International