The funds from 2020 Run4Change are destined to DREAM 2.0, “Disease Relief with Excellent & Advanced Means”:

  • Eliminate HIV mother-to-child transmission through providing free therapy (HAART, “highly active antiretroviral therapy”) and nutrition support to HIV+ mothers before and after the birth of a child
  • Children free from AIDS, no more orphans, mothers continuing to take care of their kids thanks to a reduction in maternal mortality
  • Promotion of importance of women in the community
  • Restoring a vital community center, which is providing humanitarian assistance and medical support also beyond its primary mandate


  • Cyclone Idai damaged DREAM Center in Beira, Mozambique. The city still struggles to deal with humanitarian emergency created by the storm and floods
  • The center is also supporting a vaccination campaign to fight the spread of cholera and providing relief to the community
  • 55 000+ children are born HIV-free since inception
  • Rotarian spirit at its core:100% of the donations go to actual goods/services for the Beira Center with zero money spent on admin overheads
  • Careful examination: the program is supported by scientific research and external audits like the Swiss Gemeinschaft


  • Free anti-retroviral therapyfor HIV + and fight against malnutrition
  • Extensive strategic direction includes on-site staff integration, peer-to-peer communication model, social support and laboratory monitoring to reduce HIV
  • Medical-wise, the charity has trained and is employing local staff, supported by international experts

Join us in our cause and engage as a runner, company, or sponsor for run4change! Every donation goes 100% directly toward DREAM 2.0 to help with the organization of this project.