Run4Change 2021 – Get in your donations!


The running part may be over, but we still need you to help us collect donations! With support from the Rotary Foundation, 200% of your donations go toward the good cause.

Thanks to    for allowing us to use their app for the virtual event, which allowed participants to run at your convenient time on their preferred route and stay connected to all other participants.

Thanks to all participants – runners, joggers, walkers, rollers, etc. Congratulations to all who managed to finish the option for runners local and abroad as well as those doing the family option “Kids helping Kids” to help instil the value of helping others. We hope you enjoyed the in-race entertainment.

Donate Now!

As well as last year, all proceeds from the 2021 event will be used to provide medical care and nutrition for DREAM by Community Sant’Egidio’s  project aiming to prevent transmission of AIDS from mother to child in Beira, Mozambique!

Hardly recovered from 2019 cyclone Idai Mozambique’s second largest city Beira was struck by another cyclone in January 2021 – Eloise. As many as 400 000 people in Beira and surrounding areas might be affected. DREAM Beira is acting as a shelter for the wider population in addition to its primary mandate to prevent mother to child HIV transmission.

With the proceeds from our 2020 charity run, we were able to benefit from a district grant of CHF 10k to double the positive impact for the community. The total funding provided to DREAM Beira came to approximately CHF 24k. You can read more about how Rotary Zurich International  keeps the DREAM alive at Beira at the Rotary Foundation  webpage.

 Health & Baby Care   Prevention and treatment of HIV 
Children in Africa are still the segment of the population that has the least access to care DREAM started countering AIDS in Africa in 2002

 A new model of Public Health   Promoting Women 
The DREAM program has adopted an innovative approach including telemedicine DREAM is particularly focused on women, because of the importance of their role in the community

The run4change Team